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Artist: George Cosmin (BASM)
Title: The Messenger
Technique: Lithograph
Dimensions: 84 x 59 cm
Signed: Yes, stamped signed and numbered limited edition (Certificate of Authenticity)
Framed: No (possible for €135)
Condition: Mint

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George Cosmin aka BASM [1987 / UK] is een opkomende streetartist. Zijn stijl en werk varieëren van puur kunstzinnig tot sociaal-politieke werken. BASM trekt in toenemende maten de aandacht van de kunstwereld en verzamelaars door zijn vaardigheden en de politieke bedoelingen achter zijn werken. Zijn werken zijn te bewonderen in de straten van Londen en op zijn solo-tentoonstellingen in onder andere Londen, Parijs, Amsterdam en Berlijn. Van dit werk “Messenger” zijn slechts 10 exemplaren gedrukt.


English: George Cosmin aka BASM [ born in 1987 ] is a mixed media / street artist and his style of work varies from purely aesthetic to socio-political commentary about the world and all these transposed on canvas with a spray paint and a stencil, on book pages or on banknotes with a brush and acrylic paint, or any other medium that catches his interest. BASM is an artist who has attracted the people’s attention with his skills and the message sent by his works, one of the street artists who deserves to watch out for both on the streets and in the gallery, an ascending artist and increasingly sought after by collectors.

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Dimensions 84 × 59 cm

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